Ricardo Cabret (b. 1985, Puerto Rico)

My work stems from my fascination with language - not spoken or written, but rather numerous iterations such as computer languages, cryptography, data visualization, and flow charts. In Computer Science it is common to see complex processes such as server architecture configuration, cryptographic operations, and data systems depicted in a visual language.

My paintings communicate these software processes via abstraction. In many of the works, flow-chart-like structures predominate the compositions. Just like in flow-charts, lines point to connections between different planes and configurations. These connections narrate the story and define the relationships and purpose of the various planes seen in the paintings.

Materiality plays a vital role in the creation of these paintings. The waxy and translucent layers are achieved via gel polymer mixes and derive from the idea of 'data logging' in software. By not completely hiding the layers of paint during the painting process, I encapsulate the history of the creation, similar to how software users actions’ are logged and stored in data warehouses to be looked at later.

In my software work, I tinker with the idea of these complex processes and translate them into actionable language; code. I find excitement in using software technologies in ways it is not intended to be used. In recent work, I deep dive into cryptographic ciphers and use popular cryptographic algorithms to generate compositions via ciphertexts. My work translates the experience of these technologies into a visual language, in hopes of generating discourse around and demystifying these processes.